SmartPower’s proven ability to market clean energy is due in large part to our unique research-based approach. For years, clean energy has been sold as a product that is good for the environment. Our research shows that consumers understand the environmental benefits of clean energy, but this understanding along does not motivate them to take action.

SmartPower creates messages that promote cost savings, energy independence and direct community impact. Below is a sampling of materials that have sprung from our research.

Television Ads






"SmartPower Commercial: Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline" :50 (www.graveline.com)

Jimmy Tingle Radio Ad - October 2006

Ed Asner Radio Ad - October 2005

"This type of electricity" :50 with :10 Rhode Island tag

"My computer is on" :50 with :10 Rhode Island tag


Changing Public Perception of Renewables by Renewable Energy Access


Change to renewable energy. Change their future. (pdf)
Arizona Public Service Company is the largest electric utility company in Arizona. With the support of research conducted by SmartPower, this very effective advertisement should strike a responsive chord with Arizona electricity consumers. APS

Declare Your Energy Independence (pdf)


14x48 "Latest in Home Improvement" (pdf)