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Solarize at Work

  • SmartPower's Solarize at Work Program is a company-wide and company-branded, 20-week online and in-house, residential solar campaign designed to educate and motivate your employees to be sustainable and go solar.


SmartPower launched its Solarize at Work program back in 2015 with the goal of leveraging the award-winning “Solarize” community-based outreach campaign to large and medium corporations that wish to provide an added value for their employees in the form of a good deal on solar for their employee’s homes. Indeed, we even worked with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island and Fidelity Investments to create an “Energy Challenge” – a friendly competition between the two corporations to see how many employees would participate.

Today, Solarize at Work has taken on a new urgency and new opportunity as the program helps enhance your corporate culture at a time when companies are striving to strengthen bonds between employees and employers.

The Solarize at Work program is a powerful way for your company to:

Enhance its relationship with your employees
Help with employee recruitment
Show your commitment to sustainability and
Advance your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals

This program simplifies the often-confusing process of going solar while enabling employees to save money on their energy costs. And at the same time, we help them lower their personal carbon footprint.

So many companies already offer great employee benefits, like paid vacations, health care, PTO and competitive salaries. And now, your company can offer solar power for your employees’ homes as another great employee benefit. Of course, your company isn’t buying solar power for your employees. Rather, the program gives your employees all the education and tools they need to make a smart decision for their homes and families. So, let’s Solarize your company!

The Key Elements of Solarize at Work:

  • Once engaged by your company, the SmartPower Team gets to work putting the campaign together on-the-ground, in your office, and on-line. Key elements include:

Solarize at Work website:

Using the WeeGreen “Solarize” platform, SmartPower will create a Solarize at Work website that will be branded to your company and customized specifically for the campaign. Employees will be able to sign up to have a free evaluation of their home for solar, learn more about solar and even volunteer to help others learn about solar. The site will include any scheduled events, testimonials from other employees and general information about solar installations and financing. Links to the website could be included on any internal intranet for employees or other communication channels. We will also feature any and all other sustainability efforts that your company may wish to promote.


SmartPower will coordinate and run outreach events such as employee breakfast meetings or brown bag lunch workshops (“Solar 101s”) to inform employees of the program details at your facilities, and during these days of uncertainty, via Zoom. Links to these webinars would be on Solarize at Work website. We also utilize social media to showcase the progress and results of each campaign.


SmartPower will create co-branded campaign materials such as flyers and posters to inform employees of the campaign throughout the offices where they work. We will work with your company to identify the most appropriate materials and locations for bringing attention to the campaign for employees in the workplace. And should your company continue to have a work-from-home policy in place, we can effectively use email and text messaging to convey and send messages and materials.

Solarize at Work events:

We will create and host a number of employee "events" that will educate and inform your employees about the various opportunities to be sustainable and go solar. And we also seek to promote your company's suitability leadership in the communities where you're based. These events may include "Solar Ribbon Cuttings", a program "Launch Event", a "celebration of success", among other opportunities. SmartPower will engage with your company’s communications, HR, and public relations people to ensure that the entire program meets with your companies brand and culture. Our intent is to highlight your business as a leader in solar and also Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

Solar installers:

The Solarize at Work program works with solar installers that have been vetted and are qualified by our partners and others. Indeed, we have also sought the input of an independent, national non-profit firm, Institute of Building Safety and Technology (IBTS), with extensive experience with providing quality assurance screening of solar installers and installations for municipalities, military bases and state governments. We have a network of solar installers in 40 states that can provide service and access to financing for solar to employees who live across the country.

Zero-down Financing:

Today’s solar customers like the ability to buy solar with no money down and a low, monthly payment. As such, SmartPower has worked with all the leading national solar lenders. Indeed, we will partner with one of them for your Solarize at Work program to ensure your employees have the opportunity for zero-down financing for their residential solar.

Help Your Employees "go sustainable" -- if they don't want Solar:

We know full well that not everyone can -- or wants to -- go solar. As such, our Solarize at Work program offers your employees a full menu of sustainable and energy efficient opportunities they can adopt. From simply changing light bulbs to buying an electric scooter -- we help your employees get on board the sustainability food chain!


We look forward to discussing the opportunity to bring Solarize at Work to your employees for their homes. We would love to bring this benefit to your employees and in the process make your company. To learn more, contact SmartPower's President by clicking the box below: